Stewart Edmondson
stewart edmondson painting process

Painting outside is definitely the place for me to be. I simply feel alive out there...up on the moor or down by the sea. The energy of the place is what sparks in me.

Working outside - the painting often has to be fast and dynamic, because of the changing light and weather...but for me that is a key part of the process - allowing something that is beyond my control to come through...or to come from the place into the painting. It can be direct, like rain falling or wind moving the paint. With that unpredictability comes the magic - the alchemy of it...

Painting with the raw energy of life...

It's about trying to paint the raw energy of the life of a place, and for me, being able to do that stems from spending time slowly getting to know and becoming saturated with the place itself.

© Stewart Edmondson 2012